Friday, 5 April 2013

hanging out on google plus

Thought it's time to restart this blog about me as a musician. It's been a long long time since the last entry, and anyway that was the past and I back to talk about the future, well my future in music in 2013.

This will be about my adventures in Hangout land. In hangout land we all sit alone in our little musical dens and play tunes to one another, and the other 26 that may be watching and listening.

After you get past the technical stuff that you've got to get your head around, it can be fun, if a bit nerve wracking the first time you get involved.
I've done a couple so far, one in the studio and one at home, and I've got my third one booked for Sunday. And on top of that they want me to do a feature slot, thats where you get half an hour, on May 5th.

So this will be my journey through this new medium of performance, in computer land, watch this space.

I just had an idea, may be a bit ambitious but how about doing the feature show with the beat combo. It could be done. Be a technical nightmare of course, maybe have to try it out first.

All this will be done on G+ my latest passion